Why Did Ram Charan, Jr. And NTR From RRR Not Sing "Natu Natu" At The Oscars?
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Why Did Ram Charan, Jr. And NTR From RRR Not Sing “Natu Natu” At The Oscars?




RRR Actors Jr. NTR and Ram Charan initially planned to perform on Natu Natu live at the 95th Academy Awards. 

The duo did not feel comfortable performing their famous song on the grandest stage, according to RRR producer Raj Kapoor. However, both withdrew for various reasons.

Actor Jr. NTR of RRR speaks candidly about his passion for Brad Pitt and his desire to work alongside the Hollywood great.

The creator said: “Initial, the two leads, as well as the vocalists Rahul Sipligunj and Kaala Bhairava, were intended to be the stars of the song. The performance was crucial in getting their team working permits to travel to the US and play.”

“Although Ram Charan and N.T. Rama Rao Jr. was confirmed to attend the Oscars in late February, but they declined to take the stage to perform the live act.

Due to their other professional obligations and their limited rehearsal time, the alteration was necessary.”

Raj added further information on Oscar’s live performance rehearsals.

The first version of the song took two months to workshop, rehearse, and record.

Raj concluded that the Naatu Naatu performance for the Oscars was practiced in Los Angeles for 18 hours with professional dancers and one 90-minute camera blocking.

Natu Natu Live was one of the most talked-about performances during the Oscars.

At the 95th Academy Awards, the song named Best Original Song.

According to India Today, RRR’s accomplishment made it the first Indian movie to receive this prestigious prize in this category.

This Hollywood actor wants to collaborate with RRR star Jr. NTR.

Actor Jr. NTR from Telugu, who rose to fame for his part in SS Rajamouli’s blockbuster RRR, says he deeply admired Brad Pitt from Hollywood and longs to collaborate with him.

In a recent interview with the media, NTR discussed his deep passion for movies.

He also admitted that he sincerely admires Hollywood actor Brad Pitt and his creative output.

At the Oscars Award ceremony, the actor had the fantastic opportunity to run into his favorite performer.

He exclaimed I adore him! I love how committed Brad Pitt is to making his movies.

He walks and behaves in a way that I adore. Hence, Brad Pitt is excellent in every way.

The RRR actor also mentioned his desire to work with a Hollywood great shortly. 

He was also questioned about the one project on which he would want to work with Brad throughout the conversation. 

NTR retorted I would love to be Hector in Troy but not die. In the movie, RRR, Jr. NTR featured opposite Ram Charan. 

The movie well-welcomed all across the world. RRR most recently won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

Jr. NTR’s physical metamorphosis, from being fat-shamed to possessing six-pack abs, was a journey.

A trip of Jr. NTR’s physical evolution and makeover that is everything from Student No. 1 to RRR

One of the biggest stars in South Asian cinema is Jr. NTR.

While growing up in the cinema industry, Nandamuri always had a considerable advantage because his grandfather and father, NT Rama Rao and Harikrishna, were the most prominent performers.

Yet even while we all know that not every star child succeeds, Jr. NTR has the charisma and charm necessary to draw sizable audiences to the theaters and win them over as fans.

Jr. NTR began his career as a juvenile artist and was a young winner of the National Award. As a young artist, he contributed to the films Ramayanam and Brahmarshi Viswamitra (1991). (1997).

Subsequently, in 2001, Tarak made his acting debut in the VK Prathap-directed film Ninnu Choodalani, and he gained notoriety for his work in SS Rajamouli’s Student No 1.

After that, his performances, dialogue delivery, and dancing captured the attention of large audiences. His major works are Aadhi, Simhadri, and Adhrus, among others.

Junior NTR taunted and fat-shamed others.

When NTR made his debut, he demonstrated that physical appearance and strength are unnecessary for any performance; all you need is power.

He had a not-so-great six-pack or four-pack physique and was fat.

Back then, he was body shamed, teased, and had his appearance questioned by many.

Jr. NTR also discussed how he dealt with fat shaming and trolls while shooting.

The actor was open and honest on his Telugu-language game show Evaru Meelo Koteeswarulu, a translation of the Hindi game show Kaun Banega Crorepati.

After a candidate talked about being self-conscious of his baldness, Jr. NTR discussed his fat. The actor disclosed that he received insults and labeled ugly because of his fat.

The transformation of fat to fit

Jr. NTR shone like a star despite all of this. In 2004, when his Andhrawala film launched, he demonstrated his stardom beyond any doubt.

Almost 10 lakh persons registered their presence at the movie’s historic first-ever audio premiere.

But, for his SS Rajamouli-directed film Yamadonga, Jr., NTR opted to trim down after seven years after his acting debut.

He allegedly underwent surgery to shed the additional weight. The actor reportedly got liposuction to reduce his weight for his film Yama Donga.

NTR underwent a complete transformation, becoming one of the fittest actors in Telugu cinema.

Despite the box office failure of his 2012 film Shakti, the actor received significant appreciation for his physical change. He appeared more fantastic than ever before.

While he kept up a good physique for a while, 2014 marked a turning point as he underwent a physical change and obtained a six-pack body for the first time. He was beautiful.

The actor’s transformation for the 2016 movie Nannaku Prematho left an impression once more.

For the movie, NTR adopted a new appearance that included gelled-up hair and a big beard. Both reviewers and viewers gave the movie high marks. There was no turning back after that. He rose to become one of Tollywood’s fittest actors.

Komaram Bheem’s shredded pre-production for RRR

After Jai Lava Kusa, Jr., NTR prepared for the next movie by losing 18 kg in 5 months of weight.

To become in shape for his role as the rebel leader Komaram Bheem in SS Rajamouli’s RRR, he maintained his fitness training with famous fitness trainer Lloyd Stevens.

He also always took every chance to work out in the gym, which consisted of three hours of cardio and weight lifting.

The actor was high-protein, requiring merely a shredded appearance and no flab.

Immediately following her Oscar-winning portrayal as Komaram Bheem in SS Rajamouli’s RRR.

His following is the focus of attention. Fans are eager to see what he has in store after working with Kortala Siva on his upcoming NTR30.

The bar set extremely high.

The actor’s transformation from “Fat to Fit” and from being the most unfit actor to being dubbed ugly and obese.

Jr. NTR’s development between then and today is equally motivating and admirable.

The actor regularly engaged in marathon jogs to prepare for his role in RRR.

For the well-known lion clip, Rajamouli allegedly raced across the Bulgarian wilderness.

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