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The Story Of Faysal Quraishi’s First Wife



Faysal Qureshi First Wife

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As we already know he was wedded multiple times during his lifetime there are also some rumors about Faysal Qureshi First Wife. He is a well-known Pakistani Entertainer, Model, and TV Actor. His wife also works in the entertainment industry and was the best Pakistani entertainer.

Faysal Quraishi First Wife 

Faysal Qureshi First Wife Rozina was a capable and fantastic Pakistani entertainer who showed up in Urdu motion pictures. 

During the mid-1990s, they wedded each other at a function held in their honor. 

A little girl brought into the world by Faysal Qureshi and Rozina Qureshi in 1995, name Hanish Qureshi. 

He married her when he was just 19 Years Old. They have two children together.

They got hitch in 1992 and separated in 2000. Rozina is a previous Pakistani film entertainer. 

After remarrying well-known Pakistan show script essayist Khalil-ur-Rehman, Rozina has two children, a girl, and a child.

Where Did Faysal Quraishi Meet His First Wife?

While his significant other Rozina was a well-known film entertainer of the ’60s, she was famous heroin of Urdu films, yet she has likewise acted in Punjabi motion pictures. 

He is one of the most committed, critical, and fabulous Pakistani entertainers who has been ruling on the TV screens since 1985 when he was a young kid.

I can always appreciate the exhibitions he has given consistently in these years. 

Multiple Winner of the Best Host Award

Faysal Qureshi is a Pakistani actor and television host who has appeared in a number of television dramas and films in Pakistan.

Currently, he is filling in as a CLF Generosity Representative at the Kids’ Writing Celebration. He bring into the world on 26th October 1973 in Lahore, where he grew up. 

Presently, he lives in Karachi with his loved ones. He holds the level of Graduation that he accomplished during his Showbiz vocation. 

Was she his First Love?

Faysal Qureshi discusses how he had been satisfied with his life and love for a decade when he wed his significant other Sana in 2010. Sana and Faysal have a wonderful little girl together, and Faysal hovers over Ayat.

 In the middle of 8 years, the couple honoured with a little girl Hanish Qureshi.

When examining how simple it was for him to continue after his most memorable marriage and separation, Faysal focused on how a couple of things were best when not discussed.

“Keeping a couple of things in the heart is ideal. It’s difficult to continue for anybody; indeed, there are a couple of things that will undoubtedly occur, and they do,”

Faysal Qureshi

Adding further, the Rang Laga entertainer said he didn’t care if individuals considered him inadequate regarding his most memorable marriage and separation because a couple of things needed to occur.

When did they get Divorced?

Following eight years of marriage, they needed to head out in different directions because of their various ways of life. They hitch in 1992 and separated in 2000.

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