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The First Digital Census Begins



The First Digital Census Begins

The First Digital Census Begins.

Pakistan’s Department of Statistics is carrying out the census under strict security. Since February 20, a self-enumeration portal has been available.

Launch of Pakistan’s first-ever digital census.

ISLAMABAD: On Wednesday, the seventh population and housing census—the first-ever computerized census—started earnestly across Pakistan.

Kick Off The Field Activities.

Chief Census Commissioner Dr. Naeem uz Zafar marked the first building structure on the “House Listing App” to kick off the field activities. 

Meanwhile, the appropriate commissioners in each division conducted the inauguration.

For the first time in any South Asian nation, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) has already created a self-reported webpage as of February 20, 2023.

During the ceremony, Muhammad Sarwar Gondal, the PBS spokesman, and chief census commissioner, gave a briefing to the media. On the history of the digital census and the results so far, praising everyone’s cooperation.

The speakers expressed appreciation for the Success of the self-reported webpage. 

They hoped the full roll-out of the enumeration activity would proceed with the same forward motion and commitment.

All structures in Pakistan will be geo-tagged as part of this census, creating a framework for the economic census. 

Beginning early on Wednesday, around the country, 92 000 754 enumerators enthusiastically and actively participate in door-to-door fieldwork.


In certain densely inhabited districts of the previous 2017 census, Asim Bashir Khan, an economist and census expert with Karachi’s Institute of Business Administration, claimed he was startled to find no population registered.

For the first time, transgender persons were counted in the 2017 census, which found only 10,418 out of a population of roughly 208 million. Later estimates put the number of transgender people at more than 21,000, according to campaigners.

Transgender rights activist Qamar Naseem, founder of Blue Veins, claimed that transgender people rejected the data on them. 

Those with disabilities were not adequately counted, either,

The Benefits of Digital Census: Improved Accuracy and Transparency, Says Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal

The new digital exercise, according to authorities, will make it simpler to identify and correct problems. 

Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal, who is in charge of the census, said, The digital census would provide openness and the involvement of provinces in conducting and monitoring the census, paving the path for reliable findings.

The minister told the Thomson Reuters Foundation from Islamabad: 

For one month, 126,000 enumerators in green jackets will count every person across Pakistan, border or interior, using guarded tablets.

The Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), in charge of the digital census, stated its advantages include reliable data, real-time monitoring, and thorough coverage of rural locations. 

Muhammad Sarwar Gondal. 

He continued that we have a 24-hour complaint management system to address the problems from the previous census.

Disaggregated Data from Digital Census to Benefit Marginalized Groups

According to Naeem-uz-Zafar, the top PBS statistician. Provinces would immediately receive disaggregated data on migration, employment, and gender. 

Because it will depict the access and deprivation image, it will be a valuable instrument for planning socioeconomic activity. 

It is predicted that the homeless, seasonal workers, and nomads will all benefit from the sea change.


Rights activists said they should make the digital count as accessible and straightforward as possible to include marginalized groups.

Digitization makes the process more transparent. Further, it should not lead to more issues or fragmentation, as seen after the 2017 census. Said Harris Khalique, secretary general of Pakistan’s independent Human Rights Commission.

Should allay fears of undercounting by political, religious, ethnic, or sexual minorities and disabled people. 

We should make people understand the process, he said from Islamabad.

Advocates Call for Inclusivity in Census for Reliable Data on Transgender and Individuals with Disabilities

The census, according to Naseem of Blue Veins, should be inclusive. 

Planning is only possible with a complete count of the population. 

Service providers struggle because they lack reliable information about transgender and individuals with disabilities.

Underrepresentation is a concern among supporters of nationalist and ethnic parties as well. 

Children in rural areas are typically born at home, so people do not perceive their registration as vital. 

Nisar Ahmad Khuhro, a lawmaker, stated in a phone interview that if we correctly count ourselves, we would be able to receive our fair portion of the national finances.

According to Gondal, regardless of status, every person residing in the nation will include in households where they have lived for at least six months or longer or want to stay for at least six months or longer.

Census 2023: Government extends deadline for self-enumeration

ISLAMABAD: In response to widespread appeals, the federal government on Friday extended the deadline for self-enumeration as part of the census 2023.

A representative of the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) to Geo News confirms that it raised the seventh census’s self-enumeration date by seven days (March 10).

The change occurred a few days after the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) protested the time for conducting the census and demanded the time limit for each of the three phases—self-enumeration, house enumeration, and census—extended.

The relevant committee met and decided to postpone the original deadline for the self-enumeration portion of the nation’s first digital census, which is set to finish today (March 3) at midnight.

The spokeswoman says the date moves up considering people’s convenience.

The spokeswoman stated that the authorities are considering making it longer than a week. And he continued by saying that the website frequently goes down due to high traffic.

“Eight million persons have self-enumerated as of this point. 

On February 20, the self-enumeration procedure started, “said the spokesperson.

Login for the Self-Enumeration Registration Portal 2023

Hostels, hotels, madrassahs, orphanages, old homes, jails, and rehabilitation centers like Edhi are called communal Households and self-enumerate.

The website for self-enumeration will be accessible starting on February 20, 2023. Please register by going to the PBS self-enumeration website,

Registration for the 7th Digital Self Enumeration Census 2023 is available at

Self Enumeration at

As a result, household members and individual residents find it simpler to use the new self-enumeration system.

The self-enumeration internet link will go active in February 2023. 

Visit, the PBS self-enumeration website, to register.

Thanks for visiting the Self Enumeration Portal 2023. 

The Government of Pakistan conducted the 7th Population and Housing Census.

Registration at in 2023

Self-enumeration, a novel idea, allows every Pakistani citizen to decide whether to enroll in the Census.

Based on the household, self-enumeration carry out through censuses.

Every home member who eats, sleeps, and sleeps together may register. Our YouTube Page has instructional videos on the topic.

Online Self-Enumeration Registration

Self-Enumeration is a concept that takes advantage of the Census’ household-based registration approach. 

Everyone living there and participating in mealtimes may sign up for him and his house or family members. 

Anybody in the home can register in an inefficient practical way, including all family members.

2023 Self-Enumeration Portal Login

The self-enumeration website is now accessible for registration for this year’s seventh census.

Visit the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) and the webpage to finish your registration from home. 

 The language you feel most comfortable in on the online request form for self-enumeration.

And it offers both Urdu and English.

Signup for the www Self Enumeration Web App

The PBS gov self-enumeration website will be available from February 20 to March 2023.

The new Self-Enumeration system streamlines the enrollment process for household members and individuals. 

To register for the online self-enumeration that will be available on February 20, 2023, go to the PBS self-enumeration website at

How Can I Get A Free Self Enumeration App?

Today, create an account, log in to the Self Enumeration Portal, and complete a digital census form online. 

If you have problems registering online, you might Google “ 2023”.

To contact the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics with any problems or inquiries, visit

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