Shagufta Ejaz's Incredible Transformation as Bold and Beautiful Astounds Fans - Andaaz E Shaher
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Shagufta Ejaz’s Incredible Transformation as Bold and Beautiful Astounds Fans



Shagufta Aejaz

Pakistan Television has given the viewers many good faces and artists who have remained in the minds of the public and whose popularity graph has always been on the upswing. Among them is one such artist Shagufata Ejaz, who made her mark with Shaukat Siddiqui’s serial Jangloos on PTV, and then the drama Aanch took her to the heights of fame. Since then, the name of Shaughta Ejaz has become a brand that the audience and especially women do not miss the drama in which she is included in the cast.

There is different information’s about when Shaughta Ijaz was born. Some say that May 5, 1960. Some jump down and say her date of birth is May 5, 1971. Now she is 62 or 51. This is God knows better or self-proclaimed miracle. Well, what should we do with her? Yes, it is confirmed that she was born in a village in Kanjah, Gujarat. Their constellation is Taurus. And one thing that continues to haunt their lives is how many marriages they have had. Hey bro, this is their personal matter, who are we to interfere in their matter? But in any case, it is certain that Shaughta Ejaz has completed half a century of her life.

Shagufta Ejaz started her career in 1980 with the Punjabi film Chan Variyam, in 1983 she got a side role in the Urdu film Kaale Chor, and in 1984 her Punjabi films Des Pardes and Sajawal Daku were released. While in 1986, two of his films Malang and Qaidi were released. But it is another matter that she could not be recognized as a prominent film actress. Thus, he has acted in a total of 6 films. Now, if we look at his filmography, it has been 42 years since he acted in his first film, Chan Vrayam. In this sense, her date of birth of 1971 is wrong and 1960 is correct, thank God, this confusion has been cleared up.

After that, she continued to do various roles on TV and in 1989 she got her break with the drama serial Jangloos. After that, she started to be called a famous TV actress and her journey has been a long one. In 2013, she has also received the Hum Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the drama serial Mere Khatil Mere Dildar. Shagufta Ejaz is one of the most expensive TV actresses of Pakistan, it is said that she charges 90 thousand rupees per episode; her wealth is estimated to be around one and a half billion rupees.

She has seen 62 Springs in her life.

So while living her artistic career, Shaughta Ejaz has seen 62 springs of life. And this is the age when women become grandmothers and sit in a corner. But a woman living a full life like Shaughta Ijaz has proved that she has the courage to push back the effects of age. We can guess from her latest photo shoot. This photoshoot has gone viral on social media and discussions of the same photo shoot are being heard everywhere. People wonder if a woman can be so graceful even at this age, yes she can be and we get proof of this from this photoshoot of Shaughta Ejaz.

Some are saying that all this is a miracle of plastic surgery, while some are saying other gossip, But whatever it is, even the young artists of today are surprised to see this photoshoot of Shaughta Ejaz.

Shagufta Ejaz

This photoshoot of Shaughta Ejaz is definitely an inspiration for young actresses. And in a way, an invitation to them to join the race of competition, that the field of life is open, leave the consciousness of your age and consider yourself young, even the passing age cannot make you old.