Put Out The Multi-Story Structure In Karachi Fire.
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Put Out The Multi-Story Structure In Karachi Fire.



Karachi Fire

KARACHI: According to Pakistani authorities, a raging fire broke out Saturday night in a 16-story building next to the Nursery stop on Karachi’s main thoroughfare Sharea Faisal, injuring one person.

  • The governor of Sindh said an investigation into the event would begin.
  • Action against unauthorized sign boards, according to AC Firozabad.
  • More than 12 fire tenders put out the blazes.

The large fire completely consumes a multi-story building in Karachi, Pakistan.

The fire that injured one person was put out by more than 12 fire tenders, two snorkels, and two water browsers. And many water tankers, according to the relevant authorities.

The governor of Sindh declared that the incident would be the subject of an investigation.

According to firefighters, the billboard on top of the building caught fire and was classified as third-degree.

Chief Fire Officer Ishtiaq Ahmed said the business building contained many offices.

He said that a short circuit that destroyed the building caused the panaflex on the structure to catch fire.

No fatalities were reported because the building was empty. According to Assistant Commissioner Ferozabad Umamah Solangi, who promised they would remove the unlawful signboards.

A fire tender was sent when the building started to burn.

The Pakistan Navy’s firefighting vehicles were on hand with the fire department to extinguish the fire.

To keep the peace, law enforcement officials like the police and Rangers were there.

Also, according to the officials, the nearby gas station shuttered.

Authorities reported

A witness at the scene reports seeing some persons on the eighth level of the Portway Trade Centre building, next to a gas station.

Staff from the fire department have noted that the building contains multiple offices.

According to sources, a billboard on top of the building caught fire, which spread to the rest of the structure and was later declared a third-degree fire by firefighters.

The chief fire officer reports that the primarily contained and that firefighters are attempting to enter the building.

Law enforcement personnel, including the police and Rangers, are at the location to preserve order.

Shahrah-e-Quaideen bridge.

According to officials, in addition to the Shahrah-e-Quaideen bridge, a gas station next to the structure closed.

The officials said that “the intensity of the fire on the lower floors of the structure lessened” and that they were working with a snorkel to extinguish the roaring fire on the upper floors.

Water tankers from the NIPA and Safoora hydrants have reportedly been dispatched to the scene of the incident, according to representatives of the Karachi Water Board.

Three department vehicles initially arrived to put out the flames.

To assist with the firefighting effort on the building’s top stories and other firefighting vehicles requested from all around the city due to the intensity of the fire.

Karachi: A 16-story building’s fire has been put out.

After leaping from the first story of the building, the security guard suffered injuries.

When the route closed to traffic, rescue services, firefighters, police, and Rangers were also there.

Fire Brigade representatives told Dunya News had removed a sizable chunk of the burning building, and the rest would be soon.

They said that the building included a large number of offices.

They added that it was impossible to determine what caused the fire to start.

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