Naila Kiani is the 2nd Pakistani woman to reach the top of Annapurna.
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Naila Kiani is the 2nd Pakistani woman to reach the top of Annapurna.



Naila kiani.

This week, dozens of people have climbed Mount Everest. One of them is Pakistani female mountain dweller Naila Kiani. Who impacts the world forever by scaling the world’s most noteworthy pinnacle. The Mahalangur Himal sub-scope of the Himalayas.

Naila Kiani has conquered Mount Everest, making her the first non-Nepalese climber this season.

Samina Baig, the first female mountaineer from Pakistan to summit the peak, achieved the feat in 2013.

Naila Kiani, a Pakistani woman climber, conquers Mount Everest and makes history.

Naila Kiani of Pakistan is the first Pakistani woman to reach the top of Nepal’s tenth-highest peak, Annapurna, at 8,091 meters above sea level.

She is necessary for the six-part group that includes famous Pakistani climber Shehroze Kashif and India’s Arjun Vajpai, with the group finishing their hop on Monday morning.

The specifics indicate that the Pakistani mountaineers and the Seven Summit Treks (SST) team completed their ascent of the peak between 6:30 and 7:30 a.m., having begun their climb on Sunday evening.

With her successful attempt, Naila Kiani became the first Pakistani woman to climb four peaks above 8,000 meters.

Despite bad weather between the C2 and C3 points, Naila scaled Gasherbrum-1 last year, her third 8,000-meter mountain. She also conquered K2 in July and will stand atop Gasherbrum-II in 2021.

Regardless of her great resume, she has yet to give any indications of halting.

Naila has now focused on getting over Mount Everest and Lhotse. Shehroze will draw a stage nearer to his fantasy by endeavouring to ascend Dhaulagiri, the seventh-most elevated mountain on the planet.

Naila’s achievements are even more impressive because she only began her climbing career in 2021.

Mountain climbers from Pakistan were rescued from Annapurna.

Kiani was one of the two mountain climbers from Pakistan who were saved last month as they descended Mount Annapurna. 

Shehroze Kashif, the youngest mountaineer in history, was with her as they ascended a Nepalese peak measuring 8,091 meters in height.

The two climbers were rescued from the peak when their descent was hampered by poor weather a day after they reached the mountain’s summit.

Kiani became the first woman from a South Asian nation to climb Annapurna with her ascent. 

Shehroze Kashif becomes the youngest climber to reach the summit of 11 peaks above 8000 meters when she conquers Annapurna.

Shehroze Kashif, a Pakistani, reached the summit of Annapurna, Nepal, the world’s 10th highest peak, at 6:31 a.m. PST today, April 17th, 2023. 

At the age of 20, he is the youngest person to have summited 11 peaks higher than 8000 meters, and the fact that he is standing tall atop the world’s 10th highest mountain just six months after having spinal surgery is an impressive feat.

Shehroze announce his audacious ambition of becoming the youngest climber ever to reach the summit of all 14 peaks above 8,000 meters when he left Lahore in March to set out on this journey. 

Shehroze’s father and ardent supporter, Mr Kashif Salman, declared, “I always say Shehroze is a gifted human, and Allah has blessed him with powers so he can do extraordinary things.” 

After Annapurna, he has climbed 11 peaks and only needs three more (Dhaulagiri, Shishipangma, and Choyou).

“At one point, it appeared that his career was over, but how he overcame the obstacles and challenges he faced after being with a dislocated backbone is amazing,” Shehroze’s father expressed his feelings. “An unmistakable message that it’s not over until it’s finished.”

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