Military installations are attacked, and the army vows to act against perpetrators.
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Military installations are attacked, and the army vows to act against perpetrators.



Military installations

RAWALPINDI: The Pakistan Army has committed to act against those who have targeted military installations in ‘politically motivated and inspired incidents’ recently, according to ISPR.

According to News, General Syed Asim Munir, Chief of Army Staff (COAS). Presided over the Special Corps Commanders Conference (CCC) held today at General Headquarters (GHQ).

Top brass promises that “spoilers” behind the attack on military installations will face trials under the Army Act.

Participants paid a fitting tribute to the Shuhada, who gave their lives fighting terrorism and defending the nation.

The forum paid tribute to the ultimate sacrifices the land’s brave sons made. 

It acknowledged the country’s successful counterterrorism and intelligence-based operations by security forces and the exceptionally gallant response by troops to the Muslim Bagh attack.

The gathering advised exhaustively about the prevailing inside and outer security climate. 

The meeting took a specific load of the rule of peace and law circumstances beyond a couple of days to accomplish vested political interests.

A press release alerted the forum of a well-planned arson attack involving the vandalism of Shuhada icons and monuments. 

The burning of historical structures and damage to military sites carried out to discredit the organization and force it to respond rashly.

The Commanders strongly condemned these politically motivated and instigated attacks on military installations and public and private property. 

Based on the indisputable evidence acquired thus far. The armed forces are well aware of the designers, instigators, abettors, and perpetrators of these acts. And attempts to manufacture distortions are futile, it read.

The Forum firmly determined that those responsible for these heinous crimes against military installations, personnel, and equipment will try under Pakistan’s relevant laws, such as the Official Secret Act and the Pakistan Army Act.

The Forum decided that perpetrators, spoilers, or violators who attack military installations and setups will be restrained under any circumstances.

Concerns Raised by Commanders over Propaganda Warfare Targeting Pakistan Army Leadership and Armed Forces’ Unity.

The Commanders also voiced their concern about the propaganda campaign launched against the Pakistan Army leadership to cut ties with Pakistan’s civilian population and inside the ranks of the armed forces. 

This propaganda warfare was orchestrated by outside groups and was supported by inside groups.

The horrible publicity of such hostile powers will be crushed with the backing of individuals in Pakistan.

The gathering focused on the requirement for severe execution of applicable regulations to punish the violators of web-based entertainment rules and guidelines.

Highlighting the necessity of consensus to address political instability and regain public trust.

The Need for Stakeholder Agreement to Address Current Political Instability and Restore Public Trust.

The discussion stressed the requirement for general agreement among all partners to address continuous political flimsiness as vital to reestablishing available certainty.

Reviving monetary action and reinforcing the majority rule process. Because likewise, the discussion aimed to help all such endeavours arrive at this genuinely necessary agreement.

The discussion settled that the Pakistan Armed Forces. Fully backed up by individuals of Pakistan, it would overcome all accursed plans of the foes of Pakistan.

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