J-Hope, Member Of BTS, Starts The Process Of Joining The South Korean Military.
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J-Hope, Member Of BTS, Starts The Process Of Joining The South Korean Military.



BTS military

J-hope, member of BTS, He is the second well-known K-pop group member to serve in the military after trying to put off doing so as long as possible.

South Korean group BTS, the first K-pop 

In the South Korean city of SEOUL, A management representative revealed that a second member of South Korean group BTS., the first K-pop act to receive a Grammy nomination, has begun enlisting for mandatory military service.

It happened two months after the oldest person in the group began his military service.

Beginning with Jin, who turned 30 and enrolled in December after prolonging his duty as long as it was legal. BTS members promised to enlist last year.

BTS member j-hope applies to end enlistment postponement, says Big Hit Music representative

According to a Big Hit Music representative, j-hope, real name Jung Ho-Seok, 29, applied to end the postponement of his enlistment on Sunday. 

He is the group’s second member.

We want to tell our fans that J-hope has started the military enrollment procedure. 

Until J-hope completes his military service and returns home safely, we humbly beg for your continued love and support.

All non-disabled South Korean men between 18 and 28 must serve for around two years.

A legislative change made in 2019 allows well-known K-pop musicians to postpone signing contracts until they are 30. 

Politicians’ efforts to reduce military service for athletes and musicians meet opposition.

Attempts by certain politicians to drastically decrease their service in line with the standards set for Olympic and Asian Games medalists and some classical musicians failed to make any headway.

According to South Korea’s defense ministry, BTS members could perform while serving overseas.

As such, many musicians have been referred to as “entertainment troops.”

J-hope wrote “on the street” as a solo single as a “present” for fans to express his feelings toward them. According to a separate statement from BigHit on Monday.

Since announcing a hiatus from group musical endeavors in June, the seven-person group has pursued solo projects.

BTS member J-Hope joins Louis Vuitton as a brand ambassador.

BTS engaged initially to serve as the brand’s collective ambassador.

At the Louis Vuitton menswear presentation in January, J-Hope provided a sneak peek of his new role.

On Friday, BTS, a member of the boy band BTS, selected as the new brand ambassador by the opulent French brand.

BTS Members on Solo Pursuits After Ending Affiliation with Vuitton as Brand Ambassadors

For the rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer, it represents a return home. 

BTS, as a collective, named a brand ambassador for Vuitton in April 2021; the relationship has subsequently ended.

While the group is on break, its members focus on their projects. Finish their mandatory military service, and sign contracts with fashion companies.

For the Grammy Awards, BTS members wear Louis Vuitton outfits.

J-Hope, the primary dancer for the group, wore a white suit and sneakers to match.

The other members of the group—RM, Jin, Suga, Jimin, V, and Jung Kook—wore Louis Vuitton suits. 

The trio received a nomination for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for the third year running because of the duo’s famous Coldplay duet, “My Universe.”

BTS is ranked second on the World Recorded Artist Chart for 2022, published Wednesday by the IFPI. Representing the international recorded music industry.

They made the top three for the third consecutive year thanks to their back-to-back triumphs in 2020 and 2021.

Louis Vuitton praises BTS as “pop icons” as J-Hope stars in the new documentary.

BTS described by Vuitton, who used the name “J-Hope. One of the most well-known pop icons of the twenty-first century, who contributes his charm and style to this exciting new chapter with the Maison.

In the Box with J-Hope, The making of his debut solo album, and a headlining performance at Lollapalooza last summer are the subjects of a new Disney+documentary.

According to Vuitton, he adored by fans worldwide for his positive energy, deft choreography, and creative musical direction. 

J-Hope continues pushing musicians stretching artistic limits and inspiring audiences with a pleasant on-and-off-stage persona.

K-pop singers’ impact has been steadily growing, according to remarks from the most recent men’s fashion weeks in Paris and Milan, according to a new analysis by data company Launchmetrics.

Generally, brands concentrated on raising their profiles in the APAC region. 

More particular, we observe South Korea as the predominant emphasis during both weeks by businesses tapping into the cultural zeitgeist and seeking global influence, it said.

J-Hope now represents the Vuitton brand alongside Tahar Rahim, Cooper, and Jack. 

Suga represents Valentino as a brand ambassador, and Jimin, a bandmate, recently joined Dior.

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