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I Am Okay With Kangana Ranaut, Problem Usey Hai, Says Taapsee Pannu



I Am Okay With Kangana Ranaut, Problem Usey Hai, Says Taapsee Pannu.

I Am Okay With Kangana Ranaut, Problem Usey Hai, Says Taapsee Pannu.

According to Taapsee Pannu, Kangana Ranaut is a talented actor, and she sees it as a compliment when people call her a cheap replica.

Also, she claims that although she and the Thalaivi actor agree.

Addressing the “heat” between herself and Kangana Ranaut

Taapsee Pannu has declared that if she runs across Kangana Ranaut, she won’t think twice about wishing her a good day.

After Kangana and her sister Rangoli Chandel referred to Taapsee as a “B-grade” actor and a “sasti copy” of Kangana, Taapsee, and Kangana got into a Twitter argument.

In a tweet from March 2021, Kangana referred to Taapsee as “sasti” (cheap) and mentioned the income tax cases against her and the director Anurag Kashyap. 

In a different social media post, Taapsee called a “last copy” (cheap replica) of Kangana by her sister Rangoli.

When reminded of the remark and questioned if she had ever met Kangana, Taapsee responded, What do I even do?

I no longer feel awful. I have no idea.

When I first entered the profession and met her at the Pink screening, it was more of a simple “hi, welcome, and thank you.” exchange.

I will approach her and introduce myself if she is before me. nahi jaungi mai muh fira.

Problem usey, issue mujhe thodi hai. So, uski marzi. Wo itni acchi actor hain, mujhe beginning me jhatka lagta hai… Kyuki apne kisi ko pedestal pe rakha. I won’t turn away from her. I don’t have an issue with her; she has a problem. 

She will request it.

She is a talented performer, and I had her on a pedestal, so I was initially stunned. 

I responded, “She is such a good actress,” when someone dubbed me a “sasti clone.” added Taapsee.

Kangana describes as “irrelevant” to Taapse in an earlier interview. 

I don’t miss her, so no. She is a colleague in that she is an actress.

But much more than that, she has no significance in my life.

She said, “I don’t feel anything for her, good or negative.”

Taapsee Pannu remembers her embarrassing time as Miss India when she was told she shouldn’t have “even been in the top 28.”

Taapsee Pannu talked about competing in the top 28 at the Miss India contest in 2008. She admitted that the trials made her feel degraded.

Taapsee Pannu spent a few years trying her hand at modeling before she became an actor.

She also tried her luck at the Miss India pageant while still a student and placed in the top 28.

The actor remembered a lot of partialities at the competition and during the trial phase. 

She humiliates by a designer who says she shouldn’t have been there.

Taapsee was just one of three Delhi-born girls selected, and the actor recalled that she had to compete against established models.

She a novice compares to them as she only participated in photo shoots and has never appeared in television commercials or walked the ramp before.

Taapsee opens up about her experience in beauty competition in an interview with The Lallantop.

Taapsee discussed her time in the beauty competition in an interview with The Lallantop. 

I realized that this wasn’t something I could do during the “grooming phase,” the woman remarked.

They forced us to move and taught us how to grin. The knowledgeable instructor at the time was designer Hemant Trivedi, and he made fun of me. 

He claimed you would never have made the top 28 rankings if it had been in my hands.

She realized she was “walking on thin ice” at the wrap party later on.

There was a lot of favoritism going on, she continued.

People were forced to sign contracts requiring competitors to donate 30% of their annual profits to the pageant for three years.

After completing it, we went to an after-party where the national director was present and politely wished me well.

Why I said, “Sir, take it from me in writing; you’re not getting the crown back” is beyond me.

Taapsee earned the titles of Miss Fresh Face and Miss Lovely Skin while competing in the pageant.

The Telugu movie Jhummandi Naadam, released in 2010, marked her acting debut.

She debuted her Hindi film in 2013 with Chashme Baddoor, David Dhawan’s version of the same-named comedy from 1981.

On privacy and the media, Taapsee Pannu says, “Please call me haughty, but I won’t try to sugar-coat.”

Taapsee Pannu has spoken up about how the paparazzi regularly invade her privacy.

She has stated that if people judge her for wanting “human beings’ breathing room,” they may regard her as arrogant.

In viral videos, Taapsee is frequently seen educating the paparazzi and pleading with the cameramen to respect her boundaries and privacy.

Blurr, Taapsee’s most recent film, features her in two roles. Her first production makes available on an OTT platform.

Abhilash Thapaliyal and Gulshan Devaiah also play lead parts in the Ajay Bahl-directed movie.

Taapsee told the photographers that followed her, “It worries me because, after a point.

I understood that they were acting in a way that would irritate me. 

Why do you want to hold my car door once I get in? This is encroaching on my personal space.

Would you appreciate it if someone grabbed the door as you got into your car and wouldn’t let you shut it while sticking a camera in your face? Would anyone, whether they were a female or a boy, like it?

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