Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5
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Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5



Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5, The Kashmir dispute was a contentious matter between India and Pakistan since the division of the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan in 1947. 

The Uncertainty of Princely Kingdoms during India’s Partition 

They engaged in three wars over it but failed to find a solution. Over 550 princely kingdoms had their future uncertain due to the division. 

Based on their people’s geographic position and preferences, they compelled to join the two states.

The Kashmir Conflict’s Escalation Following the Repeal of Article 370

Since the Modi administration repealed Article 370, the issue has gotten worse.

Articles 370 and 35-A repealed on August 5, 2019, by the Modi-led BJP administration, ending Jammu and Kashmir’s special status. 

Amid a lockdown, Indian forces in Kashmir’s occupation committed horrific atrocities against the local populace while enjoying total impunity. 

For Kashmiris, India consistently violates the laws governing fundamental rights. The media cannot accurately portray the contested territory since they do not have unrestricted access.

Pakistan’s Support for Friends and Wishers from Kashmir on the Indian Side of the Line of Control

The rights of friends and well-wishers from Kashmir living on the Indian side of the Line of Control have always been protected by Pakistan. 

The Pakistan Army has exhibited unwavering support for Kashmiris. Pakistanis are deeply loved and regarded as brothers by the Kashmiri people. 

Pakistanis show similar feelings toward Kashmiris. They stand as a group Pakistanis and Kashmiris share a heartbeat.

In exchange, Kashmiris respect the army and Pakistanis’ sacrifices.

On February 5, Pakistan, Azad Jammu, and Kashmir will observe Kashmir Solidarity Day.

On February 5, people across Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir mark Kashmir Solidarity Day (AJK) every year. 

People worldwide, primarily Kashmiris, observe it on this internationally recognised day. 

Public processions, special prayers at mosques for the liberation of Kashmir, and demonstrations against the Indian tyranny of Kashmir are used to mark this day.

Pakistan’s National Holiday: February 5 is Kashmir Solidarity Day

Pakistan celebrates Kashmir Day every year on February 5 as a national holiday. 

It is observed to honour Kashmiris who have lost their lives in the conflict and to demonstrate Pakistan’s solidarity and support for the people of Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir and their efforts to separate from India. 

There are protests in Pakistan, Azad Jammu, Kashmir, and other countries worldwide. 

In 1990, Qazi Hussain Ahmad of the Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan made the initial proposal for Kashmir Day, which the Pakistani government endorsed at the time.

Urgent Request to India to Adopt Resolutions of the UN on Conflict in Kashmir

The current state of affairs in Kashmir requires the Indian government to implement the relevant UN resolutions. 

Must make decisions right away and with courage. It’s time to speak out louder on Kashmiris’ right to self-determination. 

The world community must understand that because Pakistan joined the front lines of the global war against terrorism, peace and stability in South Asia can only ensured if all unresolved conflicts between Pakistan and India, including the Kashmir dispute, settled.

Giving Kashmiris the Right to Self-Determination is the Answer to the Conflict there.

The right of self-determination, which should grant to Kashmiris so they can choose whoever they wish to accede, maybe the most excellent solution to the Kashmir dispute. 

Our national duty is to stand in solidarity with the defenceless people of occupied Kashmir and to mark the Day with all our might so they can speak out and spread the word worldwide.

Status for Kashmir Solidarity Day

With good intentions, the Kashmir issue can only resolve. Greetings on Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Happy Kashmir Solidarity Day to all of you, May Kashmir remain unified and stunning forever.

Let’s be courageous for it and draw strength from Kashmir. Greetings on Kashmir Solidarity Day.

I’d like to wish everyone a pleased Kashmir Solidarity Day. Our pride and passion are Kashmir.

Our goal has always been to see Kashmir unified. Greetings on Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Quotes for Kashmir Solidarity Day and Kashmir

We all adore Kashmir and constantly wish for it to improve. Greetings on Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Happy Kashmir Solidarity Day to all of you Let’s make Kashmir better together.

Kashmir has always been a paradise on earth and ought to remain so. Greetings on Kashmir Solidarity Day.

Happy Kashmir Solidarity Day to all of you. To improve Kashmir, we must work together.

Our responsibility is to ensure Kashmir prospers and develops into a modern state. Greetings on Kashmir Day.

Slogans for Kashmir Solidarity Day

Let’s support Kashmir as a unit.

We want Kashmir to be safer and happier.

Kashmir should be treated like any other state.

Let’s restore paradise to Kashmir.

We want to bring Kashmir together.

Working together to prosper Kashmir.

There is only one Kashmir in the entire world.

Kashmir merits our focus.

We can advance Kashmir by working together.

Kashmir is a state that merits happiness.

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