Conflicts At Zaman Park LHC Orders Police To Cease Operations Today.
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Conflicts At Zaman Park LHC Orders Police To Cease Operations Today.



Zaman Park

LAHORE/ISLAMABAD: The Lahore High Court (LHC) ordered police to cease operations in Lahore’s Zaman Park until Thursday. 

  • Imran must go to the trial court to request a warrant suspension, according to the IHC.
  • The PTI leader leaves the comfort of his room to encourage the party’s members.
  • Even after almost 24 hours, police could not apprehend the PTI chairman.

As authorities attempted to detain Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan but ostensibly failed to do so despite the passage of nearly 24 hours.

Given the Pakistan Super League, which has moved to the capital of Punjab for the playoff stage, the police had already begun to leave the PTI chief’s mansion before the LHC’s directives.

Till Friday, LHC prohibits police from conducting activities at Zaman Park.

In response, I spotted police and other security personnel leaving Zaman Park. Police will only advance on Khan’s mansion once the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) 8 cricket match is over, according to sources quoting police officials.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) instructed Khan to move the trial court and give the lower court an undertaking to produce himself on a particular date shortly after the LHC issued its orders. 

Indicating that his arrest warrants in the Toshakhana case are still in effect.

A video on PTI’s official account shows the PTI head meeting the workers after the cops withdrew. He was wearing a mask.

Several Punjab Rangers arrived at the former prime minister Zaminister’s residence to carry out court orders after the police failed to apprehend the PTI chairman.

Police used tear gas to scatter the PTI employees.

Geo News said police and rangers arrived at the PTI leader’s Zaman Park home. 

The situation changed due to police using tear gas to scatter the PTI employees.

On the other hand, hospital sources told Geo News that the continuous skirmishes since yesterday had injured at least 54 police officers and eight civilians.

When he resisted attempts to be arrested and remained holed up in his Zaman Park home overnight, PTI supporters and police frequently engaged in combat. 

Law enforcement officers also detained PTI employees in the meantime.

Throughout the night, police engaged in fierce combat with Khan’s PTI supporters, firing tear gas and evading rocks thrown by enraged crowds.

On Tuesday, a sizable contingent surrounded the location, signaling the beginning of the police effort to carry out court orders. 

But, the police could not apprehend their leader because of a tense crowd.

Minister asserts that police were unarmed.

Marriyum Aurangzeb, the information minister, claimed that the police officers in Zaman Park were “unarmed” and that the PTI leader wanted civil war in the nation.

According to the minister, the government has no connection to Imran Khan’s detention.

She recalled that when in office, the PTI leader imprisoned all his political rivals and said Imran Khan was creating the idea that the government was responsible for his detention.

The minister claimed that the PTI leader was using women and children as shields, adding that the court had issued an arrest warrant.

The minister declared that this person was a convict, and the court called him.

Warrants are still valid.

The IHC instructed the PTI head to approach the trial court but did not stay the arrest warrants in the Toshakhana case.

After listening to arguments regarding the plea fixed on an urgent basis, IHC Chief Judge Aamer Farooq has reserved the decision.

Khan’s attorney, Haris, informed the court during an earlier hearing that they had contested the March 13 judgment of an Islamabad district and sessions court.

It should mention that the IHC had already suspended the trial court’s arrest warrant.

He stated that the court required the PTI leader to appear there on March 13. He tried, but he couldn’t.

Judge Farooq inquired, “Where was he that day”?

The attorney said they informed the trial court that the complaint was not maintainable, adding that he was at home.

The problem stems from a renewed warrant.

The IHC CJ informed the court that he ordered to appear on March 13 or would reinstate the warrant.

Election commission.

Harris then argued before the court that they had complained improper officer who had made the filing required authorization.

“E” section Commission can make a complaint by the law,” stated Haris. “It also notes that the authority to file the could grant a complaint to the election commissioner or any other officer.

In this case, did not meet “legal requirements.” A warrant cannot be issued in this circumstance, the attorney contended.

LHC noted that it was still essential to appear in court.

The attorney continued by stating that whatever occurred in Lahore was regrettable. And that Imran Khan was ready to make an undertaking and show up in court at the upcoming session.

The core principles of the courts are respect and decency.

The IHC stated that the law must be the same for everyone. He also enquired as to the portrayal of Pakistan.

The IHC alleged.

It is what we used to hear happened in tribal communities. What message are we sending to the world by refusing to enforce the law?

Haris questioned, But where would they store him, Imran Khan, for four days?

In the meantime, the advocate general of Islamabad warned the court that it wouldn’t pursue the allegations against the PTI leader if he didn’t appear in court on March 18.

In addition, he inquired as to his intentions should his client fail to appear on March 18.

The government’s attorney declared. That is the first time he has given an undertaking to anyone. 

He continued by saying that the petitioner should receive relief and that his actions were visible to everyone.

Previously given A similar endeavor, the additional attorney general interposed. 

Even then, the supreme court suspended the warrant, but he still did not show up. The “implementation of the court order was necessary,” he continued.

The court inquired, “Is what’s happening in Lahore accurate?

Khan’s advice said that it was improper.

A political party’s employees are party stacking the police, Justice Farooq continued, adding that this is an attack on the state.

According to the LIHC, police officers carry out their duty on behalf of the state.

He also inquired whether anyone in the UK could contact a police officer who aims to abduct and assassinate.

The true goal is to abduct and murder,

The former Prime Minister posted an image of the tear gas shells that were purportedly used during the raid on his home on Twitter.

Rangers’ “latest attack” pits the army against the most significant pool party. 

It is what PDM and Pakistan’s adversaries want. The PTI chief claimed that no lessons had been gained from the disaster in East Pakistan.

The Establishment, as well as those who assert to be “neutral,” I have a question:

Is this a neutral concept? When the main political party’s head faces an illegal warrant, a case is already in court. And when corrupt government officials attempt to kidnap and murder him. Why are rangers physically confronting unarmed protestors and the party’s leadership?

The “London plan.”

Just before daybreak, Khan was seen in a video posted on PTI’s Twitter account sitting in front of the party and Pakistani flags at a desk covered with tear gas canisters that had previously been used.

He declared I am addressing the nation today that they prepared once more and going within.

You should know that they will teargas our people and do similar actions without cause.

There is no precedent for the manner the cops “ack” our people, according to Khan.

They shelled the house’s interior, where there were servants and women, with “water cannons” and tear gas.

The PTI leader alleged, Because the F-8 Katcheri was targeted twice by terrorists, he did not show up there.

The PTI head stated, They know I didn’t appear because of security; now they are preparing again.

The former Prime Minister further stated that he had signed an “undertaking” to “prevent anarchy,” of course. Ishtiaq A Khan attempted to submit the surety to the deputy inspector general (DIG) of the Islamabad police, who ordered to arrest of him.

The PTI chairman said, And according to the Code of Criminal Procedure section 76, if an arresting officer is given a particular method, he cannot make the arrest.

He further argued that there was no need for the police to arrest him now. The PTI leader. 

However, claimed that the DIG purposefully declined to accept the bond since his detention was a component of the “London plan.”

At the London plan, it resolved to imprison Imran Khan, defeat PTI, and conclude all Nawaz Sharif-related legal proceedings. 

The London scheme includes locking me up in prison. 

I haven’t broken any laws, which has nothing to do with them, explained the head of PTI.

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