This fashion week, Celine will return to the Paris runway. - Andaaz E Shaher
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This fashion week, Celine will return to the Paris runway.



It is a French company which is famous in the world as a brand of ready-made garments and especially leather products. It was launched in 1945 by C-E9line Vipiana from Paris France but has been owned by the LVMH Group since 1996. Celine is considered a famous and trusted name in the world of fashion. To promote its products, the group organizes seasonal fashion shows every year which are watched all over the world. And people seem to be eagerly waiting for his next show. And everywhere there’s the buzz of Celine Fashion Week. Famous brands of Celine include bags, loafers, gloves, clothes, etc. In 1964, the company entered the world of fragrances and introduced Vent fou and New American Sulky to the market. Noting the popularity of leather products, Celine established its separate factory in Florence.

In order to grow her business, launched boutiques in Beverly Hills, Toronto, Hong Kong, Lausanne, Monte Carlo, and Geneva in 1973.

In the same year, Richard Vipiana also started participating in philanthropic work and founded the C-E9line-Pasteur Prize, which sponsors by the American Hospital in Paris.

In 1987, Bernard made the decision to purchase Celine’s assets 1987, and the transaction was finally completed in 1996 for a price of 2.7 billion French francs ($540 million). 173 Celine stores have opened across the world where fashion lovers proudly shop according to their fashion trends.

From October 1, 1973, Fashion Weeks started in Paris and big brands have been participating in these shows with their products.

Céline also organizes its week based on spring/summer and autumn/winter, which are held at famous places in Paris such as the Carrousel du Louvre and the Grand Palais is done on, Along with London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week is considered the fourth major event in the world of fashion, which is called the Big 4 in the world of fashion. Since then, The Celine brand has now established itself as a dependable presence during fashion weeks.

Since December, Lisa, born Lalisa Manobal, has had the honor of being appointed as the first global brand ambassador for the Celine Haute Parfumerie collection. Paris Haute Couture Week this year was held from January 24 to January 27, 2022.

The winter event was held from 1st to 8th March 2022. And Paris Haute Couture Week will be held from 3rd to 7th July, while Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer has been announced to be held from 4th to October. Remember that the French Fashion Federation is responsible for organizing all the fashion weeks held in Paris. There are two ways to enter these fashion weeks, either you have a Paris Pass or you can buy a ticket, which is definitely not cheap. Well, most of the shows invite-only select people, but some shows are held for the public.

Generally, the collections of different designers are showcased during fashion weeks, but few big brands maintain their uniqueness during these fashion weeks and the Celine brand is one of them. It is also worth remembering that fashion shows in Paris started in the 17th century. But the interest of the public increased when Charles Frederick Worth introduced tailor-made dresses to the market in the 18th century. This made it easy for customers to understand the utility of this dress. And they avoided the hassle of going to a tailor.

In the world of fashion, Jeanne Paquin was the first designer who designed Celine clothes to be presented to the public. And Paul Poiret is credited with being the first to formally organize such events.

The most famous dress designers of Europe and America are proud to work with Celine, and where talent is seen in a designer, it is impossible not to be a part of team Celine. Celine has no shortage of varieties for both men’s and women’s fashion. You want clothes, shoes, handbags, and perfumes; everything you need for fashion is available at the Celine store. And all these accessories together make an ordinary organization a giant. There is no event in the Big 4 where Celine is not present, in London, New York, Rome, and Tokyo, you see Celine at the top of all the major fashion weeks of the world. And all this is a part of teamwork. Be sincere in your work and aware of people’s demands and know when ‘who’ may need what and have the same thing available at the store according to your demand.

We don’t say that other brands are lagging behind Celine, no, all of them are certainly in the position today due to their hard work, dedication, and passion, and the world of fashion is incomplete without mentioning them. Additionally, this is true. That your enthusiasm grows more intensely as market competition increases

And this passion takes you forward, and forward, and on. Today Celine is also at a point where she doesn’t feel the need to look back.

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