BTS Fans Describe Jimin's Set Me Free Pt. 2 Music Video As "Jaw-Dropping Stuff" And Compare It To ON - Andaaz E Shaher
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BTS Fans Describe Jimin’s Set Me Free Pt. 2 Music Video As “Jaw-Dropping Stuff” And Compare It To ON




BTS ARMY has labeled Jimin’s new song Set Me Free Pt 2 ‘jaw-dropping stuff’ after the music video was released on Friday. Jimin likened the song to ON.

BTS member Jimin talks about his brand-new song, “Set Me Free Pt. 2.”

On Friday, BTS member Jimin debuted the music video for his new song, Let Me Free Part 2, from his upcoming solo album Face.

Jimin dances to the song alongside a group of background dancers in the music.

Jimin sings about freedom in the song, breaking free of chains and flying away.

In the song video, they are all shown dancing in a grey room while wearing all-black attire.

I had a good time/Yeah, it’s time to get mine and read the song’s lyrics. 

I became lost in a maze, it was Hennessy and night, and I never stopped. Jimin never stop; all your opportunities are finally free.

In the second segment of the video, Jimin can be seen tattooed with words while only wearing a jacket.

Jimin also revealed a portion of his back tattoo to his followers.

Fans praised the foot-tapping song, Jimin’s lovely vocals, and the dance. A viewer responded to the video by saying, This is a doozy. 

This displays your adaptability. I am excited to hear about your album.

This pre-release single was “goodness gracious, that was some immaculate work right there,” read a comment. 

Jimin’s performance of “Let Me Free Pt. 2” is literal poetry in motion.

“What just transpired? Jimin, you did not disappoint me; it was so incredible that I could not contain my astonishment! that is jaw-dropping stuff, “a person said.

It’s just too good. The degree of killing is so high that it interferes with my ability to think clearly.

Thank you so much, Jimin, said a different supporter. This was just great, and I adore the music.

A Twitter user wrote that he had goosebumps, his jaw on the floor, and his heart in his stomach.

This is the first time I’ve seen a comeback as good as this. Jimin, thank you very much, said a different supporter.

BTS members exchange playful comments on Weverse about the recent performance

I hope you love it, Jimin wrote in a post she uploaded on Weverse. 

V responded to the message by saying, “Absolutely! I’m having fun.” Very insane, you tore it up, J-Hope remarked. 

“Hyung, you think it’s all okay if it’s (written) in English,” V asked J-Hope in response.

Jimin discussed BTS and the song in an interview with Consequence. 

He remarked, You know, the members experienced a lot of anxiety before the release of their solo albums, but compared to those experiences, their outcomes were quite excellent. 

I don’t want to make my members feel bad. I want to join BTS with pride.

This song examines my past experiences and how I overcome them. 

I’ll consider the record a success if people can relate to the feelings I’m attempting to convey through the music.

Performance And Conveyed

Jimin continued. First, we concentrated on the performance and conveyed the song’s compelling feel.

Freedom was the essential concept, and we were drinking at the time. This is the final song on the CD and the last of the feelings.

I wanted to announce a Jimin solo powerfully because it’s so intense.

Also, he compared his song and BTS’ song ON, noting that both pieces “give off a similar mood” when listened to.

Jimin is adorned in silver studs, and BTS ARMY quotes him as saying: “Pulling out my hair, sliding down.”

Jimin from BTS appeared in shirtless Face concept photos adorned in silver studs. In the latest photos, he also chose to wear a lip ring.

In the updated edition of the Face concept pictures, BTS member Jimin removed his shirt in favor of becoming covered in silver studs. 

On Thursday, the BTS management company BigHit Music posted several tweets offering a peek into Jimin’s concept art.

Jimin posed for the first image while wearing a black jacket and pants.

Jimin wore a grey jacket, lip ring, and eyebrow studs in the following photo.

Facial Expressions

The singer was shown in the last batch of images without a shirt on, making various facial expressions for the camera.

Numerous silver studs could be seen from one side of his face to his shoulder.

BTS ARMY responded to the images on Twitter.

“Screaming, crying, sobbing, wailing, shaking, throwing up, rolling on the floor, pulling out my hair, sliding down the wall,” wrote a fan in a tweet.

The response was, “That looks so lovely and great. I am giddy with excitement and can’t wait.”

Oh my God, Jimin just stole my breath away, read a tweet. A fan enquired, “Could this have a back tattoo shot too?

BigHit Music reveals the title and release date of BTS member Jimin’s debut solo album, Face. Verify specifics

BigHit Media provided an update regarding Jimin’s debut solo album with BTS. The album, Face, releases on this day.

Jimin’s debut solo album, Face unveiled by the BTS management company BigHit Music on Tuesday.

BigHit Music posted a teaser and the album’s release date on Weverse, along with the bully. The album releases at 1:00 PM on March 24. (KST).

The statement from BigHit Music began, “Hello, this is BigHit Music. Jimin, a member of BTS, will release his debut solo album titled FACE.

FACE is about Jimin confronting himself squarely as he prepares for his upcoming solo endeavor.

Also, it stated, “Jimin will interact with the fans through a variety of endeavors, such as the FACE release, so we kindly ask for your continuous attention in and support of Jimin’s first authentic solo endeavor.

BigHit Music

BigHit Music posted the teaser on Twitter. Face 2023. 3. 24. 1 PM (KST) | midnight, it stated.

A drop of water fell into the black ocean at the beginning of the clip, causing waves.

A peach hue covered the video and formed the word “face” as background music played.

The news left many feeling happy and sad. “Very excited to see what Jimin has been working on,” someone tweeted.

Said another admirer, “This is so Jimin; I’m ecstatic. Park Jimin and Face are approaching.” Jimin also reposted the teaser on his Instagram Stories.

Jimin recently discussed his next album during a live performance on Weverse.

According to a remark from Jimin shared on Twitter by @BTStranslation_, “I believe the album I’m working on will be released in or around March. I hope you are looking forward to it because I have prepared various items.

Indeed, given that you’ve been waiting a while, this is what I wanted to say first.”

In 2013, Jimin made his BTS debut. He has since collaborated with BTS on three solo songs: 

Lying in 2016, Serendipity in 2017, and Filter in 2020. 

He co-wrote and co-composed Promise, his debut independent single, which was published in 2018.

He sang the song With You alongside Ha Sung-Woon on the soundtrack for the 2022 TV drama Our Blues.

Jimin contributed to Taeyang’s single “Vibe” composition in January.

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