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Kim Kardashian Addresses Balenciaga Ad Scandal




High-end apparel brand Balenciaga indicates that it plans to sue North Six for its involvement in developing one of the most recent advertisements. Which sparkes back-to-back controversies. Advertising for a $3,000 wallet founds to have a page from the United States v. Williams Supreme Court ruling from 2008 in the backdrop, which infuriated online watchdogs.

The decision supported the validity of a conviction for child pornography. The promotion is a part of the fashion house’s collaboration with Adidas for spring 2023. But it has since been removes from the website.


If there hadn’t been a fuss earlier this month over another ad from the brand’s holiday collection. Balenciaga followers might have yet to spot the Supreme Court judgment snippet. The fact that the advertisement showed youngsters holding stuffed animals with leather harnesses and fishnet tops and that flasks and chains surrounded the bear’s necklaces also aroused criticism.


In response to a contentious holiday commercial campaign from collaborator Balenciaga that accuses of sexualizing youngsters, Kim Kardashian spokes out. The reality television star and entrepreneur in the cosmetics sector objected to the advertising on Sunday. Which featured young models carrying teddy bears dressed as bondage slaves.

Following the scandal, some urged Kardashian to cut ties with the fashion label with which she frequently collaborated. Not that I haven’t been appalled and incensed by recent Balenciaga campaigns, because I have—I have—but rather because I want to meet with their employees to learn how this could have happens. I remains quiet for the past few days. Kardashian said in a statement. “The horrific photos have left me shaken as a mother of four.


Above everything things, protecting children must come first. Attempts to normalise child abuse in any form have no place in our culture. For their work on the second campaign, the brand served North Six and set designer Nicholas Des Jardins with a court summons on Friday.

According to the Washington Post, a complaint that Balenciaga filed in the County of New York. Supreme Court of New York State concerning the spring 2023 campaign was centred on the production company North Six and set designer Nicholas Des Jardins.


Balenciaga, which deemed several aspects of the campaign “malevolent” or, at the very least, excessively hazardous, “was unaware of “inexplicable conduct and omissions,” according to the complaint. The company is seeking a minimum of $25 million in damages for the PR crisis.


In response to the holiday ad campaign debacle, fans are deluging Kim Kardashian’s Instagram with comments pleading for her to criticize Balenciaga. As of Saturday, there were numerous inquiries concerning the reality star’s connection to the luxury brand in the comments section of her most recent Instagram pictures.

Kardashian routinely sports Balenciaga to important events, and she has previously been prominently featured in several of the brand’s commercials. On Instagram on Tuesday, the creator of Skims shared a selfie of herself sporting an Adidas-Balenciaga jersey. The fashion house has been a frequent discussion topic on the blog since Saturday.


Balenciaga issued an apology for the ad last week and removed the pictures “from all media.” Additionally, records from a 2008 Supreme Court case concerning “virtual child pornography” were noticed in the backdrop of one of the images by keen-eyed online consumers.

They further said, “We truly regret any hurt our holiday advertising campaign may have caused. “Our plush bear bags shouldn’t have been used in this campaign with kids,” the company claimed in a statement on social media. It also said that it has taken the pictures down from all platforms and vehemently opposed “abuse of children in any manner.”

The company said, “Our holiday campaign may have offended you, and we truly apologize.” It seemed unacceptable to display our stuffed bear backpacks next to small children. We regret using unsettling materials in our advertising. Despite the controversy, Balenciaga finally admits fault in the frightening BDSM ad campaign and condemns child abuse.

The company also apologized for using legal documents from a Supreme Court decision that addressed child pornography legislation in one of the advertisements.

Promotion Of Child Pornography

United States v. Williams, a 2008 Supreme Court decision, “confirms that the promotion of child pornography is unlawful and not protected by freedom of speech,”. According to Balenciaga. “The second, separate campaign for spring 2023, which intends to mimic an office setting, included a photo from a page from the United States v. Williams’ 2008 decision,” she added.

“Third parties who acknowledged in writing that these props false office documents furnish all the things used in this shooting,” the statement reads. They said that the documents “turned out to be [real legal] papers,”. Maybe stemming from the production of a television program.

“We are initiating legal action against the parties responsible for setting up the shoot and including materials that not authorise for our Spring 23 marketing photoshoot because we treat this matter seriously.” They categorically condemn all types of child abuse. We fight for the safety and welfare of kids.


Kim stated, “I appreciate Balenciaga’s termination of the advertising and apology. After speaking with them. They are aware of how serious the situation is and will take the appropriate measures to prevent it from happening again.

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