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An ultimate guide to Microsoft Teams



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One of the many products in the MS 365 family is the proprietary business communication tool known as Microsoft Teams. The similar service Slack is fundamentally competed with by Team, which provides workspace chat and videoconferencing, file storage, and application integration. When the time comes, MS 365 family will replace its current business communications and collaboration solutions, like Skype for Business and Microsoft Classroom. As more meetings moved online during the COVID-19 pandemic, Teams and other programs like Zoom and Google Meet attracted much attention. It will have roughly 270 million monthly users as of 2022.


In comparison to July of that year, when there were 13 million active users of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft reported 20 million members as of November 19, 2019. It announced a “Walkie Talkie” capability for smartphones and tablets in early 2020 that utilize push-to-talk over Wi-Fi or a cellular connection. Create a function for staff members to interact with clients or manage daily operations.

MS Teams Chat

Using text and emojis, Teams users can converse with one another. An urgent or vital flag can be placed on messages. The “talk with yourself” function, which enables the grouping of documents, notes, comments, photographs, and videos within a private chat tab, was added to the chat feature in August 2022.


Teams allow communities to join by visiting a specific URL or receiving an invitation from the team owner or administrator. Administrators and teachers can create groups for classes, staff members, professional learning communities (PLCs), and everyone else using Teams for Education.

MS Teams Channels

Team members can interact through other channels instead of email or group SMS (texting). Users can post replies using text, pictures, GIFs, and image macros. Instead of sending messages to the entire channel, direct messages send private messages to specific users.

You can submit data collected from a third-party service via a channel’s connections. A few of the connectors include Bing News, Twitter, PowerBI, Facebook Pages, MailChimp, and Facebook Pages.

Education through MS Teams

Teachers can discuss, critique, and rate student work provided via Teams utilizing the Assignments page with Microsoft Teams for Education for Office 365 for Education users. Through a connection with Office Forms, students may also be given quizzes.

How to use MS Teams

Enter your school’s given email address and password to access Microsoft Teams for Education. If your school has already signed up for Office 365 for Education, has access to Microsoft Teams turned on, and is an accredited academic institution, you can log in or register.

Use secure communication

Calling, meetings, and chatting, including monitored chat for students, are secure ways to connect, learn from, and interact with students, schools, districts, and the larger community.

Make learning interesting

You can create exciting assignments and learning scenarios using Office and other programs and websites. Reading Progress, a free integrated tool to increase reading fluency promotes literacy.

Encourage all forms of learning

Encourage your class’s emotional and social development. To learn more about each student and create links for their support, use the built-in tools that link student welfare to typical class activities.

Work together quickly

Meet, discuss group projects, and work together in real-time on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. To facilitate student collaboration, Teams integrates a variety of learning management systems.

You can learn at any place

Any device may access Microsoft Teams, which offers features to help students feel included even when they are not in class. With the help of recorded lectures, students can review the content at their own leisure.

Encourage student development

You may proactively identify at-risk pupils and take steps to enhance outcomes by tracking the progress of each student and the entire class using the built-in insights.

Remote hybrid team

Choosing between working remotely, at an office or workspace, or combining the two is an option for employees at this company. Employees can choose their work schedule, location, and best times to work. Hybrid teams also give them flexibility.

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