According to Prince Harry and Meghan, the car chase in New York City was incessant.
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According to Prince Harry and Meghan, the car chase in New York City was incessant.



Prince Harry

A spokesman for the newlyweds said that Prince Harry, Meghan, and her mother involved in a “near catastrophic car chase” with paparazzi.

The incident happened following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Tuesday attendance at an awards ceremony in New York.

Their spokeswoman said the “relentless pursuit” lasted more than two hours, resulting in “multiple near collisions.”

Both arrests and injuries, according to the New York Police Department (NYPD), not recorded.

King Charles contacts Sovereign Prince Harry and Meghan after the New York occurrence.

BBC News still needs to be able to verify all of the details independently. However, on Wednesday, accounts and information grew throughout the day.

The NYPD confirmed the incident involving Harry and Meghan, who stated that numerous photographers “made their transport challenging.”

According to the police, neither arrests nor injuries were made. Comment from Buckingham Palace is still required.

Backgrid, an entertainment photography agency, said in a statement that it was looking into the actions of several freelance photographers but that their initial accounts differed from the Sussexes’.

“The photographers have reported feeling that the couple was not in immediate danger at any point,” the statement reads.

It said that about six vehicles were engaged in the pursuit, and the drivers were careless, going through red lights, driving on the asphalt, making impending moves, switching down a single-direction road, and taking photographs while driving.

Harry and Meghan reportedly stayed at a friend’s residence to ensure their safety and did not come home right away.

The couple and Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland, attempted to take cover from the paparazzi by going to a Manhattan police headquarters.

The next step was to arrange for Harry, Meghan, Ms Ragland, and a security guard to board a yellow taxi and enter New York City.

Be that as it may, picture takers detected the vehicle and its tenants and returned to their security vehicles.

According to the BBC, the four passengers were picked up by cab driver Sukhcharn Singh, also known as Sonny, on 67th Street between Lexington Avenue and Third Avenue.

“A safety officer hailed me. Before you know it, Ruler Harry and his significant other were jumping into my taxi,” he said.

Garbage Truck Stopped Our Progress, and Paparazzi Capture the Moment.

A garbage truck stopped us as we went down a block, and then the paparazzi showed up and started taking pictures. 

They told me to return to the precinct after they were about to give me the location of where they would go.

He described them as “nice individuals” who “looked nervous.”

He asserted that he was not aware of the “aggressive” behaviour of the paparazzi and that the reports of a “near catastrophic chase” may have exaggerated.

Prince Harry claimed that because there are police stations and cops on every corner, New York is the safest place to be.

“They kept their distance, and the paparazzi were behind us.”

He added that the short trip cost the passengers $50 (£40). 

The Sussexes’ spokesperson described the ordeal as lasting more than two hours, and Mr Singh’s account only covers 10 minutes.

The driver’s evaluation contrasts Chris Sanchez, an individual from the couple’s security detail. Who told CNN the scene was “exceptionally turbulent” and that a photographic artist at one point obstructed the limousine conveying Harry and Meghan.

Prince Harry stated, “The public was in danger at several points.” It might have been lethal.”

In the US, the couple uses private security. Harry still engaged in a legal struggle in London over whether he and his family should have Metropolitan Police protection while in the country.

Harry and Meghan made their first public appearance since King Charles crowned earlier this month at the Ms Foundation Women of Vision Awards ceremony.

Meghan acknowledged an honour at the occasion close by LaTosha Brown, the fellow benefactor of Dark Citizens Matter.

NYC Chairman Eric Adams Expresses Concern for Potential Harm to Officers and Innocent Bystanders During Pursuit.

New York City Chairman Eric Adams told journalists that two cops “might have been harmed” and that it “would be horrendous to lose a guiltless onlooker during a pursuit like this”.

In their statement, Prince Harry and Meghan never said there was a fast chase. It discussed a “persevering pursuit” for over two hours.

Duncan Larcombe, the writer of Sovereign Harry. Within Story told BBC News that “something has turned out badly” with Harry and Meghan’s security in the US.

He said people who used to take care of Harry in the UK would amazed by this. It’s important to wonder if the paparazzi can still operate this way.

Princess Diana, the mother of Prince Harry, was followed by photographers when she was murdered in a vehicle accident in Paris in 1997.

In a meeting with the BBC for Diana. 7 Days narrative, Sovereign Harry alluded to the paparazzi as “a bunch of canines” who continually dogged his mom.

Prince Harry said, “There’d be a pack of people waiting for her every time she went out.” 

I mean, a pack of dogs followed her, chased her, made her feel uncomfortable, called her names, and spat at her to provoke her and get a picture of her screaming.

The British tabloid press has Prince Harry in multiple legal disputes, including allegations of phone hacking and illegal information gathering.

Prince’s Attorney Argues in Court for Permission to Contest Government’s Decision on Police Protection Payment.

This week, a prince’s attorney argued in court in London that the prince ought to permitted to contest a government decision prohibiting him from paying for police protection while he was in the nation.

The pair left their royal duties and relocated to the US in 2020. They claimed this midway move was motivated by retaliation from UK tabloids.

Harry the Ruler has referred to his efforts to influence the media as his “labour of love.” Next month, he will give testimony in a phone-hacking trial in a London court.

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