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The invention of the first printing press in Gutenberg, Germany was the beginning of a new revolution in the world of printing.

After that, hundreds of books, magazines and journals were published. And the whole world was in a way under the spell of print media.

Even after the invention of television, this monopoly of print media continued for several decades. Because till that time TV was not needed in every home. At that time, print media was the most influential voice after radio. Many revolutions in the world were owed to this print media.

Even in the Indian subcontinent, when newspapers became common during the British period, they soon became the voice of the people’s hearts.

There is hardly a house in which a newspaper is not read. And the role of newspapers in the freedom movement cannot be denied. And there were many newspapers whose identity was revolutionary in nature.

The messages of All India Muslim League also reached the people through these newspapers. And in order to convey his vision to the educated class, on the wish of the Quaid-e-Azam, Abdullah Haroon launched Daily Down, which is still being published with the same style.

It had established such an influence that the British government was afraid and imposed restrictions on it many times. Apart from this, the revolutionary minded journalists faced a lot of difficulties during this period, but they always spoke the truth.

Even after the creation of Pakistan, newspapers were the main focus of news. In which war. Mashreq, Navay Waqt, etc. are worth mentioning. While the journals and magazines which are related to politics, state, trade, industry, film, sports, etc., continue to convey news to the public according to their manifesto separately regarding the activities related to each sector.

In the later circumstances, many newspapers in Pakistan also suffered from government shutdowns and it even came to a point that the government started considering the revolutionary and independent-minded journalists as its enemies. Many newspapers were closed, journalists endured the hardships of prison. Many had to lose their jobs.

But even today journalism is alive in Pakistan thanks to such bold and courageous journalists.

 But after the advent of electronic media, the value of print media began to decline. And when satellite was launched, TV soon became a necessity for every home. Where earlier only one channel was watched, now channels from all over the world are at the touch of your finger.

Even though today print media is on the last step due to electronic media, but even those who say it is good to say that even today print media is more important than electronic media. Because there was a news on TV today, everyone saw it and forgot about it the next day.

But every word published becomes part of history. And it is also the main source of news for old news seekers, adorning libraries.

Considering the same importance of print media, we founded the daily Andaz e Shahr Karachi. And we are happy that by the order of Allah, this newspaper of ours is very successfully conveying the news of their choice to the daily readers through its publication. Chief Editor M Qamar Naeem and Editor Zeeshan Siddiqui played the most important role in making the publication of this newspaper possible.

The fruit of his tireless work is that today in the world of newspapers, the style of Karachi is being looked at with great esteem.

The policy of the newspaper is neutral and instead of being the slogan of any one party, the news of every party and class of thought is given place in this newspaper.

The reason why style of city Karachi is considered reliable in every class, obviously the demand of today’s era is that the newspaper should deliver the news which is the truth to every reader instead of supporting any one party.

We want yellow journalism to be eradicated from the world of journalism because journalism has been declared as the fourth pillar of the state.

And the weakness of this pillar means the weakening of the state. It is the duty of a good newspaper to keep the nation informed about the conspiracies against the motherland along with positive reporting and we are proud that we are fulfilling this duty well.

Remember that this is not just a newspaper, but a reflection of your feelings and its staff is your partner in pain. Whether you have any political or social problem, Chief Editor M Qamar Naeem and Editor Zeeshan Siddiqui are always trying to solve your problems. The income generated from advertisement or circulation is spent on charity. And we do our best within our means.

Chief Editor M Qamar Naeem is recognized as a senior journalist in the world of electronic and print media. Along with the newspaper, you also have a YouTube channel where you have open conversations with famous and respected personalities of the city.

And the public issues and their solutions are brought to you through the camera in the best way possible. In the near future, M Qamar Naeem wishes to highlight unbiased journalism in the electronic media as well as in the print media.

Editor Zeeshan Siddiqui is also counted among the senior journalists of the city. He has always devoted himself to journalism. In a way, journalism is their cover. Zeeshan Siddiqui has done journalistic duties in many prestigious newspapers and magazines before Andaz e Shahr Karachi. And understanding the subtleties of journalism, they are putting four moons on the style of the city of Karachi with their efforts.

It has been an effort of the daily Andaz-e-Shahr Karachi to avoid any news that may be biased or negative.because our message is love wherever it reaches. And thanks be to Allah that our message of love is reaching our readers with all its zeal. And that is our mission. We have to uphold this fourth pillar of the state in all circumstances and uphold it with full respect.