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10 Best Android Video Chat Apps for 2022



Free Video Calling Apps

(Video Chatting apps have become crucial in such times. So check out our list of the best Android video chat apps to find the best one for you)

Video calling programs have been a godsend blessing in situations like these where really meeting someone in person could be risky. The current environment has changed as a result of video chat apps for Android that employ effective compression techniques and fast internet connectivity. But not all video calling applications were created equal. As a result, we’ve gathered some of the top Android video calling and free video chat apps.

With just a few touches on our phones, we can instantaneously communicate with anyone face-to-face in today’s world. A suitable example of how much technology has changed our lives is high-speed video calling. A decade ago, the majority of video calls were sluggish, had missing frames, and had unclear sound.

Note: There is no preference-based ranking of these items. It is recommended that you select one based on your needs.

The Top 10 Free Android Video Chat Apps for 2022

  • 1.  Whatsapp (the most popular video chat app on Android)
  • 2.  Facebook Messenger
  • 3.  Google Duo
  • 4.  IMO free Android video call and chat
  • 5.  Viber
  • 6.  Tango
  • 7.  Skype (top work-related video chat apps for Android)
  • 8.  Houseparty (The best video chat app for Android for gaming)
  • 9.  Signal
  • 10. Line

Whatsapp, one of the most widely used messaging services, is also qualified to be listed among the finest Android video calling services. Every day, millions of video calls are made worldwide using this cross-platform service on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Simply open the desired contact and press on the video call button to activate the calling feature, which is easy to use and poses few obstacles for users.

Only one-on-one discussions allow for audio and video calls, but you shouldn’t have any issues using the latter because it functions fairly well. The program also has features for sharing media files, GIFs, stickers, and text messages. It is free and secures to use the software. Additionally, it is free of advertising.

2. Facebook Messenger

Numerous consumers trust Facebook Messenger, which is popular right now. On iOS, Android, and any web browser that is connected to your Facebook account, it is freely accessible. It is really simple to utilize Facebook Messenger. Send a text message, start a video chat or any other method that suits you best to connect.

Facebook Messenger offers a tonne of additional features, like group video calls, the ability to exchange emojis, stickers, and GIFs, the ability to add amusing art and effects to your images and videos, the ability to play games, and much more. You may schedule reservations, check on people, conduct business, and keep track of your conversations with other users by using Messenger.

3.  Google Duo

A top video chat app for Android is Google Duo. The simplicity of the user interface, which puts video calling front and center, is Duo’s standout feature. You can call other users more quickly and reliably using video calls after logging in and verifying your phone number. This process is very simple and uncomplicated.

Before you answer the phone, the app’s “Knock Knock” feature allows you to catch a live glance of the caller. In order for users of iOS and Android to benefit from the app, it is also a cross-platform tool. There is a web version of the Android video chat app that is free. It’s a fantastic Android app all around and well worth a download.

4. IMO free Android video calls and chat

A straightforward video chat program for Android called IMO is excellent for making free voice and video chats via 2G, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi connections. It is cross-platform and works with both iOS and Android devices. The app’s functions are limited to text, audio, and video calls. However, it is trusted software because it completely encrypts calls and messages.

Group calls, photo sharing, sticker sending, and other features are also available. IMO says to utilize fewer data for video chats than most other apps, according to users. Some adverts are inside the program, but it is free to download.

5. Viber

Well-known Android video call software that has been around for a while is Viber, which may be found in the Play Store in 2021. In the intervening years, the app has undergone numerous improvements and additions. Nearly all operating systems, mobile devices including Blackberry, Windows Phone, Android, and Apple devices, as well as cross-platform computers and operating systems, are supported.

Text messages, audio calls, video calls, images, and group conversations are all automatically encrypted by Viber, which offers safe user-to-user communication. A video conversation can be started by clicking the Camera icon next to a user’s name on its user-friendly interface. You can also follow public profiles, share contact data, and play games on Viber with buddies.

6. Tango

Tango is a third-party texting app that has been around for a long. It has evolved and been enhanced over time into a complete messaging solution including audio and video calling. Given that it offers free phone conversations and high-quality video calls, it is great Android video call software.

It has every feature you could possibly need, including the ability to share messages, stickers, photographs, videos, audio, and location information. It allows you to play games while chatting and broadcast live videos. Apart from one-on-one messaging, It offers public chat rooms for informal discussions. It uses fewer data than the majority of other applications while making video calls.

Over 1 billion people have downloaded the free Android video chat app Skype from the Play Store. In actuality, Skype is the one that first popularized free online video chatting. The majority of platforms, including PC, have native programs for this cross-platform tool.

Despite having a ton of functionality, the Android app is not as excellent as the PC version. An online video call can include up to 25 participants. It also has a free text chat function where you can exchange emoticons, images, emojis, audio messages, and more.

Facebook and Microsoft accounts integrate with it. You can also call traditional landlines and cell phones for a small cost, in addition. In contrast to other programs, Skype uses more data because it doesn’t compromise on call quality. You should choose one of the other apps on our list if your area has slow internet.

Although the software still requires improvements, the service is already quite good. It’s likely that your family and acquaintances are already utilizing this program.

8. Houseparty (The best video chat app for Android for gaming)

The most used Android video chat app calls Houseparty. During the 2021 lockdowns, several people found solace in the Android video-calling app.

Houseparty is fun video calling software that you should have on your Android if you want to hang out with your pals via a video call. Along with many other options, you can play games with your pals; add frames, sing along, and more. With up to 10 buddies, you can video call.

The calls are not end-to-end secured, despite the superb video quality. Few security specialists ever issued a warning that the Houseparty app captures unsettling quantities of personal data. Houseparty is still one of the greatest group video call apps for having fun with friends despite this.

9. Signal

If you’re particularly concerned about privacy, Signal is video chat software for Android. It is, in reality, the best private video chat software for Android. Signal messenger offers end-to-end encryption for all video calls, making them absolutely private. A group video calling feature for up to five individuals is also supported by the Android video chat app.

There are no adverts or trackers of any type on the Android video calling app thanks to Signal’s steadfast commitment to privacy. The program doesn’t have many functions, but it offers superb video calling quality to any number in the world. Apart from that, Signal offers all the typical capabilities of a messenger, including the capability to make messages vanish. Overall, one of the top apps for video calling in 2021 is a Signal private message.

10. LINE

With the popular messaging app LINE, you can make free audio and video calls from anywhere at any time in addition to messaging. One of the most popular Android video chat apps is LINE, which has more than 500 million users worldwide. You may make free, high-quality calls with it, and you can even use filters and effects while making video calls.

You can make calls using either your PC or your mobile device thanks to the cross-platform functionality of the software. Additionally, you may exchange messages, photographs, stickers, movies, social media features, etc. with up to 200 pals and participate in group video chats. Despite having some in-app purchases and advertisements, the app is free to download. Android 4.1 and higher is compatible with it.

Best Android video chat applications (Honorable mentions)

There are additional video calling apps that are highly popular in addition to those on this list. Choose the one that is best for you from the ones list below because each one has a distinct use case and specialty.

Do you think our list of the top 10 Android video chat applications was useful? In the comments, share your opinions.

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